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Homework Help: Hellp please

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    2. The equation you will be using is given by T = kx. Please refer to chapter 17 in the book for a reminder. I require you to design an experiment to calculate the stiffness constant k for the bungee rope I have given you. In the report you should consider the following points

    a. What type of equipment will you require?
    b. What type of measurements will you be making?
    c. Are you making any assumptions and do you think they are valid?

    3. Write up the experiment as if you have actually done. Obviously you will not have actual results, but you should write an aim, a method, the graphs you would be expecting to find and your conclusions. Your conclusion should involve a way of calculating the stiffness k from the graphs you have drawn.

    4. You should then research a suitable value of k for your situation.

    5. Calculate how high up you would have the bungee platform placed. Remember how you described your idea of an exciting bungee jump in question 2.

    6. Finally calculate what your maximum speed would be during the jump.

    a. Remember that the total energy of the jump is the sum of potential energy, kinetic energy and elastic energy. You will need to research what elastic energy is and how you calculate it.
    b. To find the maximum velocity you will need to use techniques from calculus, i.e. find the velocity in terms of the extension x, differentiate and find when V has a maximum point

    how can i calculate this
    i have started but just want to be sure
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