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Bungee jumping (), also spelt bungy jumping, is an activity that involves a person jumping from a great height while connected to a large elastic cord. The launching pad is usually erected on a tall structure such as a building or crane, a bridge across a deep ravine, or on a natural geographic feature such as a cliff. It is also possible to jump from a type of aircraft that has the ability to hover above the ground, such as a hot-air-balloon or helicopter. The thrill comes from the free-falling and the rebound. When the person jumps, the cord stretches and the jumper flies upwards again as the cord recoils, and continues to oscillate up and down until all the kinetic energy is dissipated.

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  1. hello478

    How Does Energy Transform in a Bungee Jump?

    please correct me if im wrong... at top highest gpe ke = 0 elastic energy = 0 upper middle 0=elastic energy ke < gpe middle ke = gpe lower middle ke>gpe bottom ep = maximum gpe=ke = 0 rebound ?
  2. DarkEnergy890

    Bungee jump | simple harmonic motion

    As you all know, a bungee jump is where a person is tied to a cord and the person jumps off and bounces up again. The natural length of a cord is 75 metres. Then when a person is attached onto the cord, the length becomes 83 metres when the person is at rest. I am sure that the person is not...
  3. paulimerci

    Understanding the Bungee Jumper Problem: Energy Transformation and Calculations

    There is a three-step energy transformation. Gravitational potential energy(GPE) is stored energy associated with an object's height above the ground. So here, the bungee jumper who is on a bridge 10m above the water has GPE. As the jumper jumps off the bridge, this stored energy is converted...
  4. P

    What is the maximum stretch of the bungee and will the mass hit the ground?

    This is more of a check that I solved this assignment correctly. I got to an answer but I’m not sure it’s correct. First, I decided that I needed to solve for the maximum stretch of the bungee. To do that I think I needed the length of the bungee (which is also the initial compression). So...
  5. fascinated

    I Calculating Force Needed to Pull Bungee Taught

    Summary:: How would I calculate the necessary force? Let's take an example where the bungee is 1000 feet long and weighs 9 pounds. How much force would be needed to pull it taught across a horizontal plane? Thanks for any help.
  6. S

    Speed and apparent weight of person in reverse bungee jumping

    a. To find the speed, I need to find the height where the cords first become loose, which is when the cord is 25 m long. $$h=30-\sqrt{25^2 - 5^2}$$ But the teacher's working is ##h=30-\sqrt{25^2 - 4^2}## How to get 4? b. My idea is to use Newton's 2nd law so I draw free body diagram of the...
  7. N

    Is my solution for the Bungee Tension Problem correct?

    Hello again, I did a sum of the forces at the top and bottom of the motion and got: Top...mg=ma Bottom...T-mg=ma Got T=2mg when I substitute the mg in for ma at bottom.Then I assumed kx=T=2mg so x(length of cord) would equal 2mg/k Then V of wave would be ...sq.rt2mg/k Is it that simple? Feel...
  8. N

    Building a Bungee Jumping Structure: Calculating the Max Force

    I have been asked to build a prototype structure for bungee jumping. Although, I am struggling with the calculations for the maximum force that the whole structure will have to sustain. For the bungee jumping rope, I am using elastic bands with constant k.
  9. solarcat

    Bungee jumping and Conservation of energy

    Homework Statement A person is bungee jumping from the top of a cliff with height H. The un-stretched length of the bungee rope is L. The person comes to a stop just before hitting the ground. The length of the cord is equal to H(amax-g)/(amax+g), where amax is the maximum acceleration upward...
  10. J

    Bungee jumping dynamics assignment

    Homework Statement A formula has been determined: d=l+h+ (l(SRT(m(m+150))+m)/75), where d is the depth jumped to, l is the length of the rope, h is the height of the jumper and m is the mass of the person. The question is: At present, the model does not include air resistance. Show and discuss...
  11. R

    What is the total length of the bungee cord in this bungee jumping problem?

    Homework Statement A bungee jumper weight 60 kg, spring constant 98N/m, the cord is extended by 18m.Natural length of the cord is 9m.total length is 27m. max force, F=kx mg=kx x=6m. it goes to 6m extension but to extend more from where it gets extra force?Homework Equations F=kx The Attempt...
  12. S

    B How to calculate the distance that a bungee will extend....

    Hi. So let me put the situation in context. At school we are doing a lab where there is a bungee and a barbie connected to the bungee. We will drop the barbie from a height of 4.94 meters and need to make it reach a point that is 5 cm off the ground give or take 5 cm. The bungee will not extend...
  13. B

    Help with IB Physics IA about bungee jumping....

    Hi, guys, this is my first time on PF! My IA is about bungee jumping where I increase the mass and look at the efficiency of energy at the lowest point of the jump. My question is: How do I find the spring constant k for an elastic cord? I need it so I can plug it into the elastic potential...
  14. Superman123

    How high will UT bounce on a bungee jump from the Golden Gate Bridge?

    1. Ut will bungee jump from the golden gate bridge. The height that she will jump from is 65 meters. The rope pulls her up 8 meters above the water. If UT's weight is 63 kg, how far will the rubber rope pull her upwards, if there's no loss to friction or air resistance? Homework Equations...
  15. patrickmoloney

    How Does a Bungee Jumper's Energy Change During a Jump?

    Homework Statement A bungee jumper of mass m attaches a light elastic string to his foot, and the other end to railing of a bridge on which he stands. The string has natural length l_0 and modulus of elasticity \lambda. Write down the energy equation. use conservation of energy to find the...
  16. T

    Final amplitude with damping of bungee cord

    Homework Statement 5. In the spectacular sport of bungee jumping,, a light elastic cord (a bungee cord) is tied tightly around the ankles of someone who jumps from a bridge of height H to which the other end of the cord is attached. The length of the cord is calculated so that the jumper, of...
  17. S

    Who Hits the Water First? Investigating Free Fall Bungee Jump Physics

    Two girls are standing on a bridge over a river. One girl falls freely and the other ties a rope to her legs. Both jump at the same time from the bridge. The length of the rope is more than the vertical distance between the bridge and the river so that the rope never becomes taut till she...
  18. sushichan

    [Mechanics] Tension in bungee jumping

    Homework Statement A bungee jumper of mass 60kg jumps from a bridge 24 m above the surface of the water. The rope is 12 m long and is assumed to obey Hooke's law. What should the spring constant of the rope be if the woman is to just reach the water? Homework Equations Ep=mgh E=1/2 kx^2 The...
  19. A

    Max speed and tension of bungee jump?

    Just signed up, hi everyone! 1. Homework Statement A man weighs 150 lb, and attaches a bungee cord having a stiffness of k = 500 lb/ft, to his feet. If he jumps from rest off the side of a bridge, determine the required unstretched length of the cord so that he can just touch the surface of...
  20. G

    How does mass of the bungee jumper effect a safe jump

    Homework Statement physics major practical, I was supposed to change the mass and find how it effects the safety of the jumper.But since hooks law doesn't follow bungee cord i really can't find a relationship.Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I used a bungee cord and hung different...
  21. G

    What Are the Physics Behind Bungee Jumping?

    hope to find few answers on physics on bungee jumping
  22. J

    Understanding Restoring Force in Bungee Question: Homework Statement & Equations

    Homework Statement What is restoring force at the bottom? Homework Equations F=kx The Attempt at a Solution Is it the force that moves the object back up? What if the the restoring force is greater than the force of gravity acting on an object?
  23. R

    Kite trampoline / bungee launching a payload

    I've been experimenting with aggregate stability of kite networks. ... Kite like to fly in networks. And I've written this about it.. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0qQxFlXu7t-RGpqRk1ZYXNISkU For the upcoming Airborne Wind Energy book. Today though... I want to know what thickness of bungee...
  24. Z

    What Factors Affect the Impulse in a Bungee Jump?

    Homework Statement An small doll is attached to an elastic cord which is suspended from a support as shown. An accelerometer is attached to the doll. The doll is allowed to fall and produces the graph shown. When the recording system is started the doll is stationary at the upper support...
  25. Z

    Acceleration vs Time Bungee Graph

    Homework Statement https://bb9.waukesha.k12.wi.us/bbcswebdav/pid-692070-dt-content-rid-2436419_1/xid-2436419_1 The graph above was made from acelerometers placed on a person while experiencing a bungee jump. The graphed data is not smooth because it is real data. The positive direction is...
  26. W

    Bungee jump -> differential equation -> simulink simulation

    Hello guys, I found this forum using google because I need help with simulating bungee jump model. I've already done that with zero initial values and it looks good but I want it more realistic : Let's say L is the length of rope so elasticity force starts acting when y=L so logically time...
  27. L

    What is the best way to approach solving this bungee jumping problem?

    Homework Statement A daredevil plans to bungee jump from a balloon 65.0m above the ground. He will use a uniform elastic cord, tied to a harness around his body, to stop his fall at point 10.0m above the ground. Model his body as a particle and the cord as having negligible mass and obeying...
  28. L

    Simple Harmonic Motion - bungee jumping

    Homework Statement A woman bungee-jumper of mass 50 kg is attached to an elastic rope of natural length 15 m. The rope behaves like a spring of spring constant k = 220 N/m. The other end of the spring is attached to a high bridge. The woman jumps from the bridge. a) Determine how far below...
  29. asdfg

    Conservation of energy, bungee jumping

    Homework Statement A daring friend of yours talks you into bungee jumping from the Royal Gorge Bridge, in Colorado. Starting from the bridge (at rest), you launch off and fall first to the unstretched length of the bungee, 153 m. The bungee then stretches until you reach the full drop distance...
  30. Mayzu

    Maximum extension of a bungee cord

    Homework Statement (a) An 81 kg student is launched from a bridge by his best friends, some 50 metres above the river surface. Fortunately, he is attached to a 30 m bungee cord with a spring constant of 270 N/m. i) What is the equilibrium length of the bungee cord, including the force of...
  31. J

    Physics of Bungee Jumping problem?

    You (77kgs) have volunteered to jump from a bridge while attached to a bungee cord. You fall 22 m from rest, beginning at time t = 0.0 s, before the cord begins to stretch. The cord stretches 14 m before you begin to move back upward. As you bounce up and down, it occurs to you that you are...
  32. J

    A Closer Look at Bungee Jumping Physics

    Homework Statement Hi, just wondering if you could help me with a Physics/Math assignment I'm currently working on. Involves the following questions: New Zealand is the home of bungee jumping. One of the major jumps is located on a bridge over the Shotover River near Queenstown. In this...
  33. M

    Bungee jump height/spring energy

    Homework Statement Imagine that you have been given the job of desiging a new bungee jumping platform. Customers of mass 53.0 kg will step off a platform, attached to a rope of unstretched length 52.6 m and spring constant 17.0 n/m. How far below the platform will the end of end of the rope...
  34. S

    Calculating Bungee for Theatre, Dance and Circus: A Textbook Guide

    So, I am writing a textbook on working with bungee in the theatrical, dance and circus industries. This book is focused mostly on the "these are the knots you use and how to tie them; this is how to splice bungee; this is how to make a bungee pack; this is how to put on a bungee harness; this...
  35. H

    Bungee jumping problem with a twist

    A bungee jumping gig is about to be performed off a bridge at a height of 100ft. The length of the rope is 20ft. The K constant for the rope is 200n/m and the air resistance is 12N(only vertical). The jumper's mass is 100kg. When the man jumps, the rope snaps right before it starts to stretch...
  36. H

    Minimum Height Needed for Bungee Jump Problem

    this problem involves a man jumping off a bridge with a bungee chord holding him. he weighs 102 kg and the stretch constant of the chord is 167n/m. And there is a 12N air resistance. the length of the rope when slack is 20 ft what is the minimum height needed for him to do this? my attempt: i...
  37. H

    Bungee Jumping Physics: Minimum Height Needed

    Um this problem involves a man jumping off a bridge with a bungee chord holding him. he weighs 102 kg and the stretch constant of the chord is 167n/m. And there is a 12N air resistance. what is the minimum height needed for him to do this? thanks! (one more thing, the length of the rope when...
  38. A

    Bungee Jumping Energy (with drag)

    Homework Statement A 102kg man bungee jumps with a 20ft (~6m) cord (k=167 N). Air resistance is 12N. 1. What should be the minimum height of the platform the man jumps off? 2. What is the maximum velocity he will reach? 3. How high will he bounce up the first time? Homework Equations...
  39. J

    What is the best method for designing a trigger system for a ball launcher?

    Hi, I'm working on a project, the project is to create a ball launcher. the ball being a squash ball. 3 balls must be loaded once only but be able to be fired individually. the energy used to fire these balls is 3 1m long bungee chords. this cannot be changed. there are 3 main parts to it.1...
  40. T

    What is the effective spring constant and velocity of a bungee jumper?

    A man of mass 80,0 kg jumps out from a bridge, with a lightweight rubber rope attached to his feet. He falls 50.0 m before turning around and coming back up, which is 30,0 m further than the equilibrium point of the rubber band (without man), which we take to be like a spring when stretched (but...
  41. A

    Bungee Jumping Physics: Hooke's Law & Potential Energy

    Homework Statement A daredevil plans to bungee jump from a balloon 59.0 m above the ground. He will use a uniform elastic cord, tied to a harness around his body, to stop his fall at a point 13.0 m above the ground. Model his body as a particle and the cord as having negligible mass and obeying...
  42. S

    Spring Constant - Bungee Jumping

    Homework Statement A person with a mass of 65 kg goes bungee jumping. At the lowest point, he is located 30 m below his starting point. If, at the equilibrium point, the bungee cord measures 15m, what is its spring constant? Homework Equations F = k*x Ep = (1/2)(k)(x^2) The...
  43. A

    Waves, Bungee Jumping, Linear Density Definition

    Please look a picture. I think the book made a mistake. The answer should be 89.9N/m. Why? Because they calculated the linear density μ wrongly. They should have done $$\frac{75*10^{-3}kg}{1.8m}$$
  44. T

    Bungee Jump: Conservation of Energy

    Homework Statement A bungee jumper of mass m drops o ff a bridge and falls vertically downwards. The bungee cord is elastic with natural length L and stiff ness k. Deduce that at the lowest point of the fall, the cord is stretched by an amount: x=mg/k(1+√(1+(2kl/mg)) Homework Equations...
  45. patrickmoloney

    Calculating Bungee Cord Stretch: Mass, Length, and Stiffness Formula

    Homework Statement A bungee jumper of mass m drops off a bridge and falls vertically downwards. The bungee cord is elastic with natural length L and stiffness k. Deduce that at the lowest point of the fall, the cord is stretched by an amount x = \frac {mg}{k} \Big( 1 + \sqrt {1+ \frac...
  46. L

    Conservation of energy with a bungee jumper

    1. Starting from rest, a 64kg person bungee jumps from a tethered balloon 65m high. The cord has unstretched length 25.8m. The cord is modeled as a spring that obeys hooke's law with spring constant 81N/m and the person's body is modeled as a particle. The balloon does not move. a) Express the...
  47. O

    Is GPE equal to mgh or mgL in a Bungee Jump?

    If the person has not yet jumped, is their GPE equal to mgh, where h is the height above the ground, or mgL, the maximum length the bungee rope can stretch? Thanks
  48. T

    Exploring Creative Ideas for Bungee Jumping Research

    I have been doing a research around the physics behind bungeejumping and i need some new ideas. Some of the ideas i already have done are: 1) friction while bungee jumping 2) bunjee jumping (but in water instead of just air) ... i need some creative ideas for my reasearch. thank you, srijan
  49. W

    How would you quantify and predict the efficiency of a bungee cord?

    I am in an introductory physics class and we have been working with Gravitational Potential Energy, Elastic Potential Energy, Kinetic Energy and the Law of Conservation of Energy in relation to bungee cords. Recently, we delved into the topic of efficiency and with it I came upon the following...