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Help I need questions!

  1. Feb 26, 2005 #1
    I just had my physics test today. It's a nightmare. I didn't really have time to finish them all. Those questions are not very difficult except for some but the time is very limited. And my style for doing questions is not to recall formulas Rather, I would derive them. Test should be testing us on understanding, I don't know why they have to make the time to be so short, it's not a competition. I hate this kind of tests. When I started to panic, I can't read the questions properly.

    For the sake of the coming tests, I think I have to change my style. Can somebody please recommend some sites with a lots of physics exercises (preferably related to topic like electromagnetism, wave and quantum physics because I am studying them this semester)...I want to programme myself with every formula.

    Thank you.
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