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Homework Help: Help in school project

  1. Mar 26, 2014 #1
    while study i have been given a task from mine teacher to make the beam for the crane...


    The steel profile is fix one end. The other end, ends with a hook which takes the form of two ears, welded on both sides of the profile. The distance from the point of restraint to the point of attachment Hook is 2400mm. Distance attachment point of the hook from the lower edge of the profile This 115mm. suggest optimal section of profile provided that in the point of attachment hook through the pin the diameter is d and the hook weight will be like 3000kg. You know that the distance between the 'ears' of hook is 140mm and the thickness of each ear is 15mm - you shoud suggest the best pin who will transmit the load. Determine the optimal size of the ears and the size and lenght of the weld that will connect ears with the profile. The profile MUST be possible to preform by the bending and welding technique - suggest material and type of treatment pin.

    Can anyone help me about chose the best profile for the beam? and the steel material? thats mine problem coz next i must do the Finite element method simulation etc

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    Sorry, the link in the OP is invalid.
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    Sorry, now it should be correct
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