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Homework Help: Help me on my assingment on vibrations & wave

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    help me on my urgent assingment on vibrations & wave

    1.Two particles of masses m1 and m2 are attached to the ends of a rigid spring,the natural length of the spring is l and its tension is k.e.Initially, th particles are at rest with m1 at height h above m2 at t=0.mi is projected vertically unward with velocity v.find the position of the particles at any subsequent time.2.what is the larges value for which this solution applies.:
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    Help you how? All you did was state a problem- you haven't given any indication of what you know or what you have already done on this so we don't know what kind of hints will help. I can think of about four different ways to do this, some using formulas that you may or may not know, some solving differential equations using different assumptions about the problem.
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