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Help me to find the article, please

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    Dear participants of a forum.

    I can not find paper:

    Zeldovich Ya. B. - In: Magic without Magic: John Archibald Wheller/Ed. J. Clouder. - San Francisco, 1972. - P. 277.

    I would be rather grateful if somebody has helped me.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi limarodessa! Welcome to PF! :smile:

    It seems to have been specially written for that book (translated into English by Kip S Thorne), and not published anywhere else.

    The book's publisher was W H Freeman (ISBN 0-7167-0337-8).

    Perhaps the original Russian version was published in some Russian-language journal?
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    Dear sirs.

    I thank you that you have shown attention to me.

    I did not manage to find this material in Russian.

    The content of article given by the mister hamster143 really represents interest for me .

    The phenomenon of correlation of two particles - quantum entanglement is of interest for me. Some authors hold the opinion that such correlation can arise at formation of pair of particles from the physical vacuum ( perfect vacuum ) .

    The physical vacuum ( perfect vacuum ) can play a role of a blanket ( common ) wave function. On distances which are similar to the space the steams of particles can be born. Thus, the observation for the one particle, inevitably leads to occurrence of the second particle with an opposite charge.


    I ask, that you have excused me. My English language is bad. My own language - Russian.
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