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Homework Help: HELP Need answer to this force due to charge problem

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    HELP!! Need answer to this force due to charge problem!!

    Here it is:

    Three charges are fixed in place as shown. The squares in the grid have sides of length s = 0.24 m. The magnitude of q is 3 mu or micro Coulombs (1 mu or micro Coulomb = 10-6 Coulombs), while the magnitude of Q is 4.5 mu or micro Coulombs. What is the magnitude of the net force on q due to the other two charges?

    I really need the answer to the problem, it's killing me, I've worked on it for 2 hours and can't get it. The picture is attached.

    Thanks a ton,


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    How about writing the formula for electric force, and then putting in the numbers. Remember, the force and electric field are vector quantities, so one must use vector addition.
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