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Calculators Help needed choosing a calculator!

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    I'm going to be a college freshman in the fall and I don't own a graphing calculator (I used the school's in high school). I'm planning to major in physics and I am assuming that I should buy one, I'm just not sure which one. Right now the TI-89 titanium seems to be the most comprehensive, however I'm wondering if there is one out there that would better suit my needs and budget. Any suggestions would be great :)
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    I studied long ago, and back then, the only thing we were allowed was a non-programmable simple scientific calculator - which we almost never used, btw. So I stepped back from my old Ti-59 which was starting to have problems back then.

    Now, just out of curiosity, I looked up that Ti-89 titanium, and holy S**T ! That costs about 200 Euro ! Never I would give such an amount of money for a calculator today! For 300 Euro, you have an EEPC, which would, in my opinion, be a very good tool for a student (light, you can take notes with it, it is a real computer....). If you install something like scilab on it, you have a far better calculator.

    As to good performance lower cost calculators, I don't know. But I find that titanium too expensive for what it is - although I can recon it to be the star of the calculators.
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    In my university - and most of the others in Egypt as well-, we are yet to be allowed to use a graphic calculator.
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    May I redirect you to this discussion:


    Many of the good and bad points are brought up for a TI-89 and the HP 50G. Personaly, I have and love the HP, but everyone has their own preference.

    Hope that was of help,
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