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Help Understanding Gravitational/Elastic Potential Energy and related

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    As part of a Physics assignment I have to put together a Power Point Presentation and Worksheet with Solutions which teachs a topic. I got The Physics of Bungee Jumping.

    There is a website supplied which was supposed to have everything needed informational wise however due to some issue, the equations are all over the place or jumbled to the point where they are unreadable.

    Page 15-18
    http://www.ed.gov.nl.ca/edu/sp/sh/sci/phy2204/cur_guide/2204appendixa.pdf [Broken]

    The text which explains the subject references to these equations which I can't see so the entire ressource becomes very hard to use (beside the beginning which is where I found out about the Potential energy types needed and then I looked a bit into them)

    Because this is a topic I've never been taught before, it is somewhat difficult to understand what is going on with the equations and therefore the whole topic.

    I am asking if anyone can tell me the equations that are missing given the context or provide any other information about Bungee Jumping, hopefully with equations.

    It would be a big help so I could really get through this.
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    the useful equations would probably be:

    Ek=1/2mv^2, where Ek is kinetic energy, m is mass and. V is velocity
    Ug=mgh, where Ug is gravitational potential energy m is mass, g is acceleration due to gravity and h is height
    Us=1/2kx^2 where, Us is elastic potential energy, k is spring constant and x is amount of compression/extension of spring.
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