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Homework Help: Help with rolling motion

  1. Jul 14, 2004 #1
    Hi, Im working on the following problem:

    As you drive down the road at 17 m/s you press on the gas pedal and speed up with a uniform acceleration of 1.12m/s2 for 0.65s. If the tires on your car have a radius of 33cm , what is their angular displacement during the period of accceleration?

    This is what I did so far,

    (1.12m/s^2) / 0.65s = 1.72 m/s acceleration

    then 17m/s - 1.72 m/s = 15.28

    15.28/.33m = 46 displacement?

    Im not sure this was right?? :frown:
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    ?? The acceleration is 1.12 m/s^2 as you stated in the problem.

    You can use the formula for the distance traveled when traveling at constant acceleration.

    The distance traveled is

    [tex]d=17(0.65)+1/2(1.12)(0.65)^2=11.3 m[/tex]

    If the wheels don`t slip then the distance traveled when the wheels make one revolution is equal to their circumference [tex]2\pi R[/tex]
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