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Higgs free space travelling, close to lightspeed possible ?

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    I was thinking if the Higgs part would be found next year, is it true if it could be removed from materials, that you could build spaceships from such materials, you could travel with speeds close to the lightspeed, so Star Track would be a real possibility in the future ?

    Or do I forget something ...
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    Check a post by Bill_K in this thread . It's the second post.
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    I understood Higgs is not responceable for all mass, you need always a little mass for your brake in a spaceship ...
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    You are not always corrected and many explanations on the internet/magazines are terrible bad from all level of people, never complete. That's why this kind of physics is difficult for many people, just the bad explanation.

    So now I understand finally the difference between Higgs field and Higgs boson (I had a wrong understanding). I found the best explanation, so I was sure, here on the forum :).

    The Higgs field is everywhere even in atoms and space. The Higgs field gives our mass. The Higgs boson is reponsable for the Higgs field and is of course also everywhere. But you can't catch a Higgs boson everywhere. But when there in a atom, you can find it in CERN.

    So I understand the mass of particles is because of the Higgs field in a atom and therefore as sum for the object's mass existing out of atoms.

    So my title was wrong ..

    In CERN particles rotates in vaccuum, Higgs fields can't be removed because it is everywhere (it goes through the tunnel construction).
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