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Higgs Particle What If?

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    I was just wondering what would happen if the Higgs boson particle did exist or did not exist. If we conclude that it does not exist, what would happen to the standard model of particle physics, and the equation that describes how particles interact with each other? Because if the Higgs boson does not exist, what happens to this equation? Does it become obsolete?

    My other question is what evidence do we have for the existence of the Higgs boson and the Higgs field? I have heard that they will be making another attempt to find it at CERN next month.

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    what equation??

    if the higgs does not exist, we are at something of a loss for the mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking (that which says that E&M and weak nuclear force are different forces). In the current incantation of the standard model, the masses of the particles would be WAY too small (not necessarily zero! but not right). There could be things out there besides the Higgs boson (technicolor, various "higgsless models", etc.), but then we'd have to find evidence for these.

    there is a LOT of indirect evidence that the standard Higgs boson exists and that its mass is near 100 GeV/c^2. This comes from computing the effects of the Higgs boson on observables at the QUANTUM level, and comparing those effects to experiment. They are all consistent with a SM higgs in that mass range. If such a particle exists, then the LHC will find it.

    Only time will tell.
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    Dont know about finding the higgs next month. I believe they will need to accumulate a lot of data to have enough statistics to find any higgs. Also, they might have to go up to 14TeV which will not be done for another year or so. Right now they are rediscovering the standard model and looking for other signs of new physics.
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    There could be a Higgs Mechanism without the expected Higgs boson. I also want to know what equation you're talking about, unless you're referring to the standard model in a fanciful manner.
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