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High school Mathematics.

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    Hello. Quick introduction, I'm 12th grade and in my country we have this end exam in mathematics which I have to pass with +85% so I can fulfill my passion(Computer Science and Engineering). I'm studying hardcore these two years but I missed out a lot from 7th to 10th grade cause I didn't have the passion(I didn't like the teachers)
    There's two types of the exam.
    Basic level: Algebra 1,2 + Geometry
    Advanced level: Basic level + Logarithms, Trigonometry, Derivatives, Limits, Integrals.
    I've 6 months to get prepared, I'm still not sure what I'll choose.

    So the question: Can someone suggest me a book or an online course or whatever the user might think that covers High school mathematics? I could Google, I know, but it would be better if someone suggested it(experienced user).

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    Try Khan Academy
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    Any other than Khan Academy? The parts I need are way too basic there...
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    On the trial test I did around 30%, maybe less. I'm getting scared and highly anxious. Yea, i know, childish talk but I seriously need help. I knew that I will take CS a year ago so I started programming. If I fail the test my life's gonna approach -inifnity.
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    You could try buying online textbook, reading them extensively, and doing work found online. One thing that helps me is actually re-writing the textbook, word for word.
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    Tansic, I need SPECIFIC answers. As I said above.
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    Read Basic Mathematics by Serge Lang
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