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High speed actuation

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    Hi All,

    I need a actuation system which will rotate the 80mmx100mmx4mm plate from 0-45 degrees, pivot point @ one end of the plate. I need the time for moving it to 45 degree and back to the original position will be 40 milli-seconds including the response time of the actuator. Here we can use the linear actuator and convert the linear motion into rotary motion.
    Please suggest the actator for this application.

    Thanks in advance......
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    Will this movement be a repetitive motion?
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    It depends. Basicaslly i am using this mechanism for rejecting the components flowing in a conveyor.
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    You could just use a simple encoded motor or stepper motor, similar to what is used for windshield wipers on a car.
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    40 ms for the entire trip is pretty fast. Have you thought of using compressed air jets to do this? I have seen this method used on quite a few production lines.
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    Most small assembly type robots for things like circuitry (VERY fast) use pneumatic actuation. However, pneumatics aren't worth it for just a single actuator as they require a lot of equipment to work reliably such as dryers, regulators, and oil separators.
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    The assumption I work under is that most plants already have a compressed air capacity that is used all over the plant. That may or may not be the case.
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    Thanks for the reply...

    In this particular application, components are moving in that flapper. And this flapper is located in betwen the 2 conveyors.I can not able use the air jet for the reason that orientation of component may change or the speed of motion of component will increase.

    I have already tried with the pneumatic actuator and with the pneumatic muscle. I have achieved up to 120 milli seconds.
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