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Homework Help: Higher Gravity Environment Investigation

  1. Apr 7, 2005 #1
    I'm currently working on designing some type of experiment on which to write an in-depth essay. My idea currently is pretty general, but it basically creating a centrifuge-like model that includes a chamber in which the higher g's would be experienced, with a human within it. The idea is for this device to serve as something for athletes to use, training in an environment that exerts strain on their entire body rather than a single area, as with conventional weight training.

    My problem is figuring out what, exactly, I should investigate. The forces and such can be determined through mathematics alone, so I've been trying to determine what other aspects of this experiment might be worthwhile to investigate. Currently, my best idea would be to examine the about of work that would be necessary to run the machine, looking at its feasibility in the cost of running the device.

    I would greatly appreciate any other ideas for this experiment that you might have, as I'd really like to investigate some aspect of this that would be a little more complex. As far as my physics and math education, I'm currently taking calculus and have a good understanding of the basic ideas and I am taking an AP Physics class covering mechanics with calculus, but I wouldn't be opposed to learning anything new, so I'm open to any ideas.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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