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Highest Pressure Gases

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    Does anyone know where I can physics related to the highest pressures that have been achieved for any gas in a lab, and if any new properties of such gases have been seen? There is all kinds of high pressure physics for solids and liquid states of matter, but I can't find anything about high pressure experiments on Gases, phase changes, etc. Also, I don't mean plasma, unless its part of a phase change of a system where high pressure on gases has been studied.
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    In most cases getting pressure high enough makes things solid.
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    "Does anyone know where I can (missing verb?) physics related to the highest pressures ..."

    Care to complete the thought?
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    Here are two that may interest you:

    Title:Thermomechanical design of a static gas target for electron accelerators
    Authors: B. Brajuskovic, T. O'Connor, R. J. Holt, J. Reneker, D. Meekin, P. Solvignon
    (Submitted on 25 Jun 2013)
    Abstract: Gas targets are often used at accelerator facilities. A design of high-pressure gas cells that are suitable for hydrogen and helium isotopes at relatively high electron beam currents is presented. In particular, we consider rare gas targets, $^3$H$_2$ and $^3$He. In the design, heat transfer and mechanical integrity of the target cell are emphasized. ANSYS 12 was used for the thermo-mechanical studies of the target cell. Since the ultimate goal in this study was to design a gas target for use at the Jefferson Laboratory (JLab), particular attention is given to the typical operating conditions found there. It is demonstrated that an aluminum alloy cell can meet the required design goals.

    A High-Pressure Polarized $^3$He Gas Target for Nuclear Physics Experiments Using A Polarized Photon Beam
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    Does plasma count? Inertial confinement fusion achieves some pretty high pressures for a very short time, when the fuel pellet is imploded.
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