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    Hey guys i'm new here :D , i came across this read online Edit by Evo: Removed link to blog Please scroll down to a big post by xodiac21. Its very interesting, but i'm here wondering about the part where you jump into the black hole and ur friend watching if u really GET into the black hole, i was thinking why not tie a high density rope to the one jumping in?
    then mayb can pull the guy out at the horizon?
    i was also wondering if all the things about singularity is true, i mean have anybody tried getting into a black hole?
    i mean there are a lot of posibilities in it, i was thinking mayb u can even get out alive rather than crushed to death..., can someone correct me if the death part is just a myth?or a theoretical calculation? or assumption? or common knowledge that we're all led to believe?
    Sorry if i sound harsh, no hard feelings to anyone here, but these kept creeping into my mind. By the way i'm not a math genius, came here to also look for help on homework :D
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    Obviously black hole ate some of letters from your post.
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    Hello Shadower,

    Step 1: if you plan to post here, get used to writing proper words. This site is all about communication, and for many people here, the txt msg shortcut words are impossible to read.

    This post will probably get moved to the proper section for answering questions about black holes
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    oh sorry for the shortcuts i'll edit my post
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    I believe you've missed the entire point so completely that you would not be well served by directly answering your question. Based on your question, you need to learn about time dilation, length contraction, and a host of other issues which will allow you to dismiss you question to begin with. Really, I suspect you need to begin with a basic primer on Special Relativity, and then move on to GR... you're asking nonsensical questions.

    Anyway... you have your black hole, the surface of which is the Event Horizon, which represents the region past which the escape velocity exceeds the speed of light (in a vacuum: c). Relativity tells us that nothing does that, so it's functionally the point of no return for everything which falls past it. This isn't all that there is to a black hole however; gravity becomes rather extreme, and there are tidal forces which would tear you to your component particles before you REACH the event horizon (usually), and that includes the "rope".

    To further complicate issues, because you're dealing with extreme gravity (i.e. Spacetime curvature), you have to deal with many observer/coordinate-dependant temporal and spatial effects. If you COULD drag your buddy out of the ergosphere (region of warped spacetime outside of the EH) intact, they would be ancient compared to you at the end of that "round trip". More importantly, they would be shredded past the atomic level.

    Why not read:
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_dilation and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Length_contraction

    Then see if you still have this question.
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    Hi swadow,

    Of course that you can escape gravitational pull of somthing that is born from e star, but you have to be able to run 10 times around our planet in 1 second (maybe faster :)
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