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I Holding down steel plate w/ multiple magnets: Does orientati

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    The picture below shows an image of a bed from a 3d printer, which I intend to equip with an array of 15 x 3 mm Neodym magnets to hold down a steel plate. The steel plate itself is not and can not be equipped with magnets. Theres a heated aluminium bed between magnets and steel plate and the magnets are specified to withstand 150°C.

    The left side shows all 12 magnet arranged with the same orientation, on the right side every second magnet is flipped. The distance between the magnet is wide enough so they don't noticeably attract/distract/disturb each other.

    Question: The goal is that the steel plate lays flat (Z direction) and does not accidentally move in XY direction. Is either magnet orientation better than the other in achieving this?

    Print bed magnet orientation.png
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    The second one will be better if the distance between steel plate and magnets is smaller than the distance between the magnets. The second orientation provides return lines for the magnetic flux and leads to stronger induced magnetic fields in the plate.
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    Thank you!
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