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Honeywell/Windtronics BTPS = linear generator?

  1. Jul 22, 2012 #1
    I ran into the following page http://www.yourrenewable-energies.com/honeywell-wind-turbine-6500/technical-specifications a while back, and was wondering if this is just a special case of a linear generator, i.e., where magnets move past fixed coils to generate electricity rather than the more standard coil moving inside a magnetic field?

    I want to do something similar, though not using wind power. My intent was to use magnets in the outer perimeter of a flywheel passing by stationary coils, which is opposite of the standard implementation, but as in the wind generator above, it has some advantages in the design I am working on.

    I can't find much information on linear generators and how you would implement A/C or D/C versions of them, what kinds/configurations of coils to use, how to wind and wire them, etc. In the picture at the URL above, it looks like there are coils on either side of the fan blade tip magnets, but not how the coils are wound, or how they are connected to the consolidated power output (i.e., in series or in parallel), etc. Can anyone out there point me to some good sources for this or discuss various designs and factors to consider? Thanks.
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