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How can I contact a University for funding for a project.

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    How can I contact a University for funding for a project. The project is on fuel cells, and I plan on building two prototypes; one following the instructions precisely, the other for experimenting with nickel catalysts. I have a estimate of $75-$100 CDN.

    Thanks for any help,

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    Don't even bother; it won't happen. Your report would fold under peer review for any number of reasons (lack of logbook work, no PhD, not ISO/GLP certified, etc), and your research would be thrown out and discredited. The university would have nothing to show for giving you money. Even if you got amazing results, you would probably patent your ideas before the university could somehow profit from your discovery. Again, university has nothing to gain by giving you money.

    I would look more towards government on this one. Not sure who you would ask though.
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    Yeah, I guess that contacting the government would be better. But who to contact?
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