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How can I transmit a static frequency through a copper wire coil

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    I am trying to figure out how to program a 528 hz signal to emit and amplify through a copper wire coil
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    The lower the frequency the less efficient it is to transmit it. For instance the Navy used to transmit signals to submarines at 10 kHz with an antenna system in Michigan but they used megawatts of power and many miles of antennas.

    How far do you need to transmit the signal?
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    Some libraries or other public halls and churches use a 1 or 2 turn loop around the room and feed it directly from a powerful audio amplifier. These amplifiers are about 30 watts for a small room up to 100 watts or so for a large room.

    This sets up a varying magnetic field in the room and this can be picked up by some hearing aids or by a suitable coil with an amplifier.
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