How could I determine capacitance of an electrolytic cell?

  1. I am doing a lab experiment in which I need to find the capacitance of an electrolytic cell containing water and of course hydrogen and oxygen ions.

    The cell has both a double layer capacitance as well as a pseudicapacitance.

    My initial studies show that I would use cyclic voltammetry, but I am still learning about it..

    What method(s) would be best to determine or measure the cells capacitance?

    Thanks in advance
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    You have to determine the electrical capacitance experimentally?
    You'd exploit the definition of capacitance and design the experment accordingly.
    I'd apply an AC voltage and see how the reactance varies with frequency.
    If you don't need a lot of accuracy, you could apply a DC voltage and find how the current varies with time.
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