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How do I find the pressure capacity of a tungsten tube?

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    I am looking to find the maximum psi or atm capacity of a tungsten tube of 99.9% tungsten. How would I do this?
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    how thick are the walls of the tube? And what is the radius of the tube?
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    I don't have a particular dimension of tube yet. I am more concerned with the general pressure resistance properties of tungsten as a material; I haven't been able to find much on how much pressure it can take when compared to a stainless steel tube of the same width/radius. Any ideas?
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    Look up Young's Modulus or Elastic Modulus (same thing) for both materials.
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    You can get a general idea regarding the relative resistance of the materials by comparing the tensile strength.
    Here is a table that shows both steel and tungsten.

    However is just a very general idea. The distribution of the tensions in the is not uniform and the difference in elasticities may play a role too.
    Besides, the tensile strength is not the pressure of the gas which will produce the breaking. The exact relationship between the pressure of the gas and the tension in the expanding walls depends on the shape of the container.
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