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How long could you survive without oxygen after running?

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    Suppose you exerted yourself quite hard and ran for a while, then you were immediately deprived of oxygen. How long could you actually survive compared to deprived of oxygen at rest?
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    It depends of how you remove the oxygen. The time of useful consciousness at Flight Level 500 (50,000 feet MSL) and above is only 6 to 9 seconds.
    See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_of_useful_consciousness.

    Also see: "http://www.geoffreylandis.com/vacuum.html". [Broken]
    That article has several citations - including one describing a NASA technician that was accidentally exposed to a vacuum. According to the article, he lost consciousness in 12 to 15 seconds and recovered when air pressure was restored in 30 seconds.

    If instead of a drop in atmospheric pressure, you drown in say Nitrogen, then you will last longer - and the effects of the exercise will have a chance to be felt. The wiki article cited above gives an example when exercise cut the useful consciousness time by 50%.
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