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How many full skyscrapers has he washed?

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    Timmy Thomas the Window cleaner, washes skyscraper windows every day. The skyscrapers all have 109 windows, and Timmy Thomas washes 37 windows each day. There are a lot of skyscrapers towering next to each other (all identical to each other), and Timmy Thomas is told to wash as many as he can. At the end of a particular day, he has washed only 1 window of a particular skyscraper. What day is this? How many full skyscrapers has he washed?
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    (Assuming he finishes one skyscraper before moving onto the next, doesn't wash the same window twice, etc)

    The first time it happens is at the end of his 56-th day of washing windows, at which time he has washed 19 skyscrapers fully.
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    wow that was fast Hurkyl!
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