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I How to convert movemnt/speed to electricity or other E.forms

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    I was wondering if there is a way to produce energy using the movement of vehicles on the road. I do not know which principles can come into picture, but I believe Electromagnetism/ detection is the way to go?
    If someone could at least throw me in the right direction of which field to research to find a solution, it would be awesome.

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    From movement to electricity... the first coming to me is Faraday's induced emf...
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    Batteries of vehicles are charged while they are running, using the principle of EM induction. An alternator is used for this purpose.
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    All of the energy lost by a car's motion is in various forms of low grade frictional heat, which is not recoverable. There are lots of ways to generate electricity from the motion itself, but all will require the engine make up for the additional loss. Using induction means, literally, pulling on the car with a giant magnet. You can also Google for "electric speed bump"....
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    If you take any energy out of a car in the form of electricity the fuel consumption will increase by a corresponding amount.
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