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How to create good quantum states from good quantum numbers?

  1. Mar 19, 2005 #1
    how to create "good" quantum states from "good" quantum numbers?

    I think I am finally understanding what the "good" quantum numbers are in degenerate perturbation theroy. Basically, given a perturbation H', if
    [H', L^2] = [H', S^2] = [H', J^2] = [H', Jz] = 0, then
    l, s, j, and mj are the "good" quantum numbers.

    But, I'm a little confused as to how one goes about creating a "good" quantum state from the "good" quantum numbers.

    In particular, I'm wondering about how to create a "good" states for the strong field Zeeman effect ("good" state = | n l ml s ms > ) and the fine structure correction ("good state = | n l s j mj > ).

    i.e. how do I go from: | n l s j mj > to SUM( c R_nl Y_lm |s ms> )?
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