How to enter command prompt with elevated priviledges at run?

  1. What the title says.
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    With windows, you select "run as admnistrator".
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    just in case
    step3: Right click where it says command prompt
  5. Is there any keyword that I can add on the run command?

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    I don't think so.
    Can't you just put a shortcut on the desktop(If you find it difficult to use start menu.)?
    It's in C:\Windows\System32 ...... Name is cmd.exe
    1. Find it
    2. Right click on it
    3. Hover mouse over "Send to"
    4. Choose "Desktop(Create shortcut)"

    Then you can simply run it as an administrator by right clicking on the shortcut

    Hey Routaran, what kind of font are you using?
  7. @adjacent: the font in the image? I have no idea, I shamelessly googled and posted an image from elsewhere on the internet as if it were my own. Sh*t, isn't that something you get hit with the banning stick for???
    I think the person who made that image had shadows turned on for their text.

    @controlswhiz: I don't think so either. the "-n" or "/help" options you enter after the file name are arguments you pass to the program that is being run. These are not interpreted by windows at all, they are specifically used the program in question. You need to tell windows to run a program elevated, not the program.

    So, you have to launch the program by using the right click menu "Run as administrator" or use the method that adjacent posted.
    I would add one extra step.
    Right click on the shortcut>compatibility tab and check on "Run this program as an administrator"

    this way you can simply double click the shortcut and it will run the command prompt elevated
    image attached is an example of what you need to do.

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    You can try "runas" :

    They say something like
    Code (Text):

    runas /noprofile /user:Administrator cmd
    In which case i'd make a "acmd.bat" file in your system32 directory with that in it, so you can just type acmd at the run box.

    "Administrator" may need to be your user profile name if you have admin privs.
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  9. I usually just type "cmd" in the start search, and then ctrl-shift-enter to launch the selected program as an admin. No mouse use, funny settings, or extra shortcuts required.
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  10. I did not know about the Ctrl+Shift+Enter shortcut. Great tip!
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