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How to modal a voltage gradient from a single cylinder

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    I am a bit trumped. I know how to calculate the voltage of a single uniform cylinder:

    V(r) = (-q/2 Pi ep0) Ln(r/R0) + V0

    q: Charge density
    r: radius from outside of the cylinder. r >= R0
    R0: radius of the uniform cylinder
    V0: applied voltage to the cylinder

    Here is my problem. How do I modal this given that I do not know the charge density. I will simply have a conducting cylinder with a voltage applied to it and no current will be flowing.
    This can be done for a sphere because I can use the capacitive formula of a sphere and substitute. But the cap. equation for a cylinder does not allow a single cylinder.

    Let me know.
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    I am referring to the voltage gradient outside of the solid cylinder. I need to know how to remove the charge term or replace it with a numerical value.
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