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How to program?

  1. Jan 18, 2008 #1
    i have made programs on my TI83+ than i bought a TI89+ Titanium but i have never programed in C++ or any other programming language. so could anyone tell me about how to program in C++ and the key differences between C++ and TI basic? if anyone wnats my programs contact me with youe E-mail and i will send them to you.
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    and what is assembely programming
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    C++ and TI-BASIC are similar in both being programming languages; they differ radically in most other respects (syntax, power, and compiled vs. interpreted).

    Assembly language is the most privative language that people program in; it gives the computer the commands it uses directly, with only a small amount of work being done to translate into machine code (e.g. replacing variable names with memory locations).
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    so TI-basic and C++ are more complex them Assembly language?
    How could i program in C++ or Assembly on my TI83+/ TI89+ or is it even possable?
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    in your manual you should have info how programming in your texas should work. I have Ti83, and everything is in the manual.

    For general ideas how to program, search for tutorials on google. There is also a thread in this subforum about intro. programming in C++
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