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Homework Help: How to reduce friction

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    This is for a lab report that I have to do for physics class. In the lab, we have to tie one end of the string with some mass in one end, add a glass rod through the string, and then tie some more mass to the other end of the string. We have to hold the glass rod and start whirling one end of the mass around in a cir cle. Now my question is, other than adding oil around the rim of the glass rod, what another way to reduce friction? Thanks.
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    One thing you could do is make a bushing. Take a small circular peice of plastic and place it inbetween the string and the glass. You can add some kind of lube inbetween the glass and the plastic to reduce friction in there.

    BUT!!!!!!! I think that your teacher choose glass as the medium of the rod becuase it already has a very low static and kinetic friction force. (excuse the terms) ( could not think of the correct definition.)
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    I'm taking a bit of a stab here because the test set up doesn't make a whole lot ofsense to me. I need to see a picture. How about just rubbing some soap or wax on the string? You can't do too terribly much to the glass to reduce it's mu.
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    Would dental floss(wax) have a smaller mu than a normal rope?
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    If string isn't required, then go to a sporting goods store and get monofilament fishing line. This stuff has a very low coefficient of friction.
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