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How To Rotate a Small Cylinder using D.C Motor

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    Okay I hope i can get some quick replies , its urgent
    i have a science project coming and what i want to do is rotate a cylinder using a d.c motor
    its a relatively small cylinder
    radius = 4 cm
    length around = 15 cm
    mass will be around 200-300 grams
    now i can't figure out how can a small d.c motor rotate this ?
    I have an attached file showing the schematic or rather what i want to make happen.
    please help me with what to do , and how can i make it happen. do i use two motors at both ends ?
    the rotations can be relatively small 50-60 rpm.

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    Given the mass and radius, you can get the moment of inertia about the rotational axis.

    But you will need to know how fast you want the cylinder to go from 0 to 50-60 rpm. (this will give you the angular acceleration)

    You can read more on rotational quantities here

    This will also be helpful to know.
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