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A How to start my reading for 2D screening models

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    Hi All,

    I needed some help or guidance starting my MSc reading, as there is tonnes of literature out there and it's difficult to understand what is necessary. I am beginning to look at applying screening models to a 2D system, such as the Thomas-Fermi continuum screening model, to a 2D system, and I've found many papers which consider it each a different way. I understand about linear response RPA dielectric screening and partially get the Thomas Fermi approximation, but am not sure how this is treated non-linearly. I'm trying to read on methods to parameterise a screened potential using TF but it isn't clear to me how I would do that. Does anyone know where I can start reading about the details of TF screening potentials of an external charge impurity in a 2D system? What are the main assumptions and approximations in the TF screening model? Cheers.
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