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How to you test for diamonds?

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    I would like to know how one can confirm that a material is diamond apart from confirming its crystal structure. I tried the copper cooling test and it passed, are they any other tests to confirm? What acid test would be best to confirm?

    Thank you
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    diamonds burn in Oxygen.
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    Hardness (scratch test)
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    I prefer the hammer test. Don't use an new anvil were you do precision work. Smashing a diamond can ruin the surface.

    The index of refraction of diamond is about 2.4. Cubic zirconia is about 2.2.
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    Just Google on Diamond Tester. They are common and relatively inexpensive.
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    Specific gravity is another good test.
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    These are all rather 'macroscopic' test methods, and based on some of the questions / comments darkelf has posted in the past (mostly regarding microprocessing / surface coatings), I would hazard that this isn't the case. Having said that, I have no idea either, aside from what the other posters have mentioned (hardness testing, spectroscopy, conductivity--though this might be difficult to distinguish from graphite or other carbon allotropes).
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    Raman spectroscopy is used all the time for diamond surface films.
    It's the usual way to characterize CVD diamonds.
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