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Homework Help: Hydrogen, Deuteruim, Tritium

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    Can someone please inform me of the chemical, atomic and physical properties of Hydrogen Deuterium and trituim in both the atomic form and in the compund for of H20, D20 an T20.
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    My question (sorry as I was half asleep by that point) is, can H20 bond with D20 molecules AND can you hase H-D bonding instead of H-H Bonding and if so could you have D-T T-H etc... bonding...
    p.s. this is not a homework question as i would find it strange that the properties of the isotopes of Hydrogen would come up on my GCSE course. :rofl:
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    Chemically, deuterium behaves almost exactly like hydrogen. So it's definitely possible to have deuterium atoms involved in the compounds you mentioned. The most important practical difference between regular hydrogen and deuterium is that deuterium molecules don't absorb radio waves and consequently don't show up during nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging. This is because they have an even number of protons+neutrons in the nucleus, as opposed to regular hydrogen which has an odd number (just one proton).

    I don't know anything about Tritium so I can't help you there.
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