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Homework Help: Hydrostatic Force & It's Location on a Plate

  1. Oct 23, 2004 #1
    Please explain how I calc the hydrostatic force and it's location on the plate.

    Above the drawing is says:
    A 10m equlateral plate under water
    Assume 60 degrees F

    I clicked on 'Manage Attatchments' to upload the drawing. Give me a minute to do it another way if it won't show up.
    Note: I couldn't use AutoCAD to draw it because it wouldn't show up on the boards, so I had to use a paint program so please excuse the unaligned flubs and stuff...I doubt my 50 degree is 50 degrees either
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    How do i use html? just past the code or do i need to be in a different mode? linky
    lol we'll see

    Fixed your link, SheCanBuild

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    Thankyou enigma
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