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Hysteresis in circuit

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    I'm having some problem in understanding what is hysteresis. can someone explain it to me what is hysteresis, and how can i make the value big or small as i wish?
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    Are you asking generally about hysteresis? Or do you refer to any of it's specific types?
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    hysteresis in general. how about it?
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    Have you tried the wiki? It gives a nice explanation.
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    oh yeah i've tried. it's great. thanks. btw do you happen to know how can i change the value as i wish in circuit? like increase the resistor value or something like that?
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    If you want to increase the resistor value, use a resistor of higher value.
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    jim hardy

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    A question well phrased is half answered.
    Please take the time to think your question through and state it clearly.

    What circuit ?

    It's disrespectful to ask somebody to invest effort when you won't.
    That's why you are getting dismissive answers.

    Attitude is everything.
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    ah, i've got the solution. it's op-amp based circuit by the way. thank you, and sorry for the lack of information in my question.
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    A question well-phrased is already half answered.

    I like that. Indeed, an astute description, Jim.
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