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I dont understand homopolar motors

  1. Dec 20, 2015 #1
    I understand the diagram above where the blue stuff might be mercury like in Faraday's mercury motor. I dont understand why the liquid moves but.... it is a conductor so why doesnt the current (moving electrons) feel the force and leave the liquid stationary?
    Similarly in this motor its the liquid that moves?

    Many Thanks
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    David Lewis

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    There are homopolar motors that exert a force on the electrons in the (solid) rotor, and the electrons then carry the atomic nuclei with them, for example in an electrostatic voltmeter.

    However in this case I believe the cell exerts an electrostatic force on the electrons in the copper wires and in the liquid, and the moving electrons create a magnetic field. What we are seeing is the interaction between the permanent field magnet and the magnetic field created by the current.
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