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I failed my intro Physics Test

  1. Oct 14, 2009 #1
    Today I failed my intro Physics Test...I got 24%. This test is worth 20% of my final overall grade...so i'm really quite bummed out about this. I've been studying hard...I guess it's because i'm in my 30's and haven't been in school doing Physics for around 15 years. Anyway, anyone have suggestions on how I might be able to boost my grade? I also get so stressed out under testing conditions that it impedes my ability to think at times...crazy! I'm thinking about repeating this course next semester to get a really good exposure to all the fundamentals...i'm also getting a tutor soon...probably starting with tutor next week I guess.
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    What are your study habits like? To what do you allocate your time during study sessions? What are you having trouble with specifically? More information would help others help you. Were you confident before the test? Often the students who feel inadequately prepared get stressed out. Are you able to solve most of the problems from your textbook?

    But don't get stressed and congratulations on returning to school!
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