I have a problem finding a steam table for n-pentane

In summary, the conversation involved a person looking for a steam table for n-pentane or pentane, but having difficulty finding one. They were directed to a supplier and also given resources for finding thermodynamic properties of n-pentane, including a T-s diagram and various websites and books. They were also advised to use process simulators for data on C5+ properties.
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I was searching long and wide for a steam table for an R601(n-pentane) for the ORC cycle, I need help finding a detailed table.
hey, I was searching for a steam table for a long time but I wasn't lucky, I don't know why an n-pentane, iso-pentane or even pentane table is hard to find , so I am here today asking for a steam table for n-pentane or pentane table, forgive me if I was asking too much, Thank you very much you all.
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I found T-s diagrams, phase diagrams, and other properties using search term n-pentane thermodynamic properties. I also searched R601 refrigerant thermodynamic properties, but that did not find much. If you used steam in your search, it probably found information about water because steam generally refers to water in the gaseous state.

Sample T-s diagram from above search:
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yeah I don't know why n-pentane (R601) is hard to find, is there a secret they don't want us to know about it's weird, Also thank you very much for your help, I may use this diagram if I didn't find anything new, thank you again
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By the way, there is also a figure in Reynolds & Colonna's book Thermodynamics, and some more references to other codes to produce these figures. The book also talks a little about ORCs, it's a very nice engineering book on thermodynamics.
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Any process simulator will give you the data for C5+ that you need.
Pro II, Hysim, Aspen Suite ect

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