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I have an idea for a gasoline powerd fridge, need input.

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    So last night, a bit on the tipsy side, I drew this on paper(then in paint) and I don't see why It would not work. I'm not really an engineer so I'm not sure if there's some flaw in my logic.
    The idea is based on a 5HP engine with an electric starter. It automatically starts the engine using a coil thermostat and some relays.
    If people think it will work, ill go try to find the parts and stuff needed for cheap/free and build it.

    I know a picture is worth a thousand words.
    http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/3784/ideag.png [Broken]

    The symbols and such are sort of just off the top of my head, apart from 1 I got from wikipedia.

    Basic rundown of how a startup occurs:

    Thermostat gap closes, begins to power 2 relays. The first opens a kill switch(or closes it depending on how the engine operates) and the second powers the exciter on the alternator.

    The current then runs through a third relay and into the starter solenoid, passing through a thermistor(to kill the starter motor if it runs to long, aka the thermistor warms up to much)

    After the engine starts the output is run through 2 diodes, one goes back to the battery and the other goes to that third relay to cut power to the starter.

    I could attach a second thermostat to the thermistor so that it kills the entire circuit until the thermistor cools down.
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