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Homework Help: I need help in finding correct Coefficient of friction

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    A road vehicle equipped with mechanical wheel brake e.g drum or disc brake ,driving at a speed of 100Km/hr is braked to a stand still with a deceleration of 1G (3.2m/sec^2),How large must be the coefficient if friction between wheel and road at least be to enable that.


    1)At least 1.
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    The force exerted on the truck when the brakes come on ( and lock the wheels) is mg, g=3.2ms-2 and m is the trucks mass.

    Can you calculate the force provided by the friction in terms of the coefficient of friction ?

    (Incidentally the acceleration on the Earth's surface is about 9.7ms-2, not 3.2)
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    Check your PMs. You *must* show your efforts before we can provide tutorial help. That is in the PF Rules (see the top of the page under Site Info).
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    I don't know where you got g = 9.7 m/s^2, but there is a different and more precise figure defined:

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