If sleep were not required, but just optional, would you ever sleep?

  1. If sleep were not required, but just optional (you didn't get tired), would you ever sleep? I can say that I'd sleep much less often, if ever.
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  3. Pythagorean

    Pythagorean 4,483
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    If it weren't required, it probably wouldn't feel so good, so probably not, no.
  4. Evo

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    I'd sleep just for the dreams.
  5. No, I would be partying or doing something more productive. Also, good riddance to my weird dreams(dancing naked with Kim Jong Il was my dream last night).
  6. turbo

    turbo 7,063
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    Probably not. There's too much to do. Interpersonal stuff, etc - not so much, but research would benefit from less sleep-time.
  7. Nopes. I would be able to enjoy my life more while being able to do more work.
  8. What would sleep be like if it weren't required? If you didn't need to sleep would you ever want to sleep? I don't think so. Sounds like about as much fun as getting anesthetized.
  9. Dembadon

    Dembadon 666
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    Absolutely not.
  10. Pyrrhus

    Pyrrhus 2,204
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    So what will substitute sleep?. You know there are reasons why animals sleep.
  11. What would being awake be like if sleep weren't required? Would everyone feel in perfect, tip top shape all the time, never fatigued?
  12. Lisa!

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    Of course I would!
  13. I think I would also sleep less often but sometimes it's really cool - you can go to bed and leave the world behind. You can get a rest and some new energy for the upcoming tasks in your life.
  14. no i won't... hehehe..

    there are many things that I have to do that needs to be done ASAP... ^_^
  15. micromass

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    Of course I would sleep! Sleeping is cool :tongue2:

    The real hard question is: "if being awake were not required, would you ever not-sleep?" :biggrin:
  16. hahaha.. nice one..!
  17. Ryan_m_b

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    It would be pretty nice to increase my waking hours by 50%! However I have a suspicion that if we didn't need to sleep we never would because the working day would go from 9-5 to 9-9 or more and who wants to sleep their personal time away?
  18. right, right... it will be more productive for us if we can be awake all the time..
  19. That was the premise of The Matrix. I expect that if sleep were not required then it would be illegal.
  20. Ryan_m_b

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    Well I don't know about you but I tend to be more productive when awake
  21. I love sleeping, the sleepy-awake feeling, the dreams.
    But I also get irritated that I get sleepy when I want to remain awake!

    So I will probably want to sleep out of want and not out of need if sleep were optional and totally in my control(not forced by tiredness or efficiency loss).

    But yes, if sleep were not required, it might well be illegal/rare!
    Simple happiness, joy, contentment seems to be rare/in demand/facing extinction nowadays :?
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