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Ignition switch and Battery cut-off

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    I have a question that how ignition switch works.
    Is it is directly connected to battery..? or Alternator..??

    Further If I apply a Battery Cut-Off Switch, will ignition works when Battery Cut-Off Switch is off..??
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    Perhaps you can answer your own questions using this diagram.
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    Ranger Mike

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    on the 1972 ignition switch you show, the current runs from the battery to the ignition key on the steering column. When you move key to the ignition position the juice flows to the ignition module. It is then distributed to the ignition and various accessories to include alternator. The number 2 key position is to actuate a moment switch that throws power to the starter solenoid to spin the dc starter motor. Juice is cut once you let off the key switch and the small spring returns the key to position number 1.
    A Master cut of switch usually is a switch placed in line between the negative battery post and the ground point on the chassis. When it is OFF the whole car is dead, You can wire in a master switch a number of different ways but this is the typical method.
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