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Impedance vs Resistance

  1. Jan 15, 2013 #1
    Just wondering here... What is the difference between impedance and resistance? Is resistance typically used to describe the nature of a circuit element, while impedance is of an entire circuit? I have looked up the definitions for both, and I just don't see the difference between them. Thanks!
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    really basically...

    impedance is used in an AC circuit ie .... resistance to an AC current
    impedance is determined from the inductive and capacitive reactances

    resistance is used in a DC circuit .... resistance to a DC current

    look up
    Characheristic Impedance
    Inductive Reactance and
    Capacitive Reactance

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    Impedance rolls together resistance, inductance, and capacitance into one complex value.
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    Next line in wikipedia:

    This statement is not quite correct.....in a steady state condition, this is true, but when DC is initially turned on...or shut off....there ARE reactance effects.

    This is a nice/accurate synopsis from the above source:
    "There are an additional two impeding mechanisms to be taken into account in AC circuits: the induction of voltages in conductors self-induced by the magnetic fields of currents (inductance), and the electrostatic storage of charge induced by voltages between conductors (capacitance). "
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    There is one more difference not so far mentioned.

    Inductance comes in two flavours.

    Self inductance
    Mutual inductance

    The contribution of inductance to impedance refers only to the former.
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    Even a network of pure resistors can have a similar effect, though; the voltage across one of the resistors can be a scaled version of the voltage across another resistor.
    Mutual Impedance is a more general term for the relationship between the volts across one element of a circuit / structure and the current passing through another - see the theory of multiple element antennae.
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