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In 20 Years Time

  1. Jul 27, 2003 #1
    What do you think technology will be like in 20 years time ?? im always interested in upcoming computer and technology related things, and thought there may be people around here following certain things!

    the only real stuff i know about is new Organic monitors and computer storage things, solid state and fluorescent facilties used to store and transfer (extremele fast) large (terrabytes) worth of data!
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    Quantum computing seems to be becoming more and more of a reality. A 30-qubit quantum computer is approximatly equal to 10 teraflops. This could have a large impact on the security field. Encryption that would take a life time to crack could be cracked in mere seconds. But with quantum computers also come quantum encryption, so hopefully that can be implemented where it is needed before quantum computers are sold to the public. So far they have made a 7-qubit computer. They have also now developed flexable LCD screens that one day could be sewn onto clothes. Fuel cells are also an interesting technology. Not only will they serve an environmentaly friendly fuel for cars, they will be able to power electronics like laptops for hours upon hours. No more dinky lithium ions :wink:. There will also be much more to come, but i can't think of it now.
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    wow! so you can change your clothes on the fly...

    "say dear, what say i go for the red today ?"
    "computer, change to, "red""

    thatd be good stuff would that :)

    as for quantum computing, i didnt even know they had created a stable system running in QBits :D thats quite an interesting field :)
  5. Jul 29, 2003 #4
    Imagine all the cool new games, hell some adicts wouldnt come out of their rooms for years! Speaking of such I was a Half-Life and Everquest addict for some time.
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    hah, imagine the games for quantum computers....
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    so much processing power practically anything is possible i bet given enough variables computers could give a reasonable prediction of the future or something along those lines, such as environments and weather go any further and who really knows what the computer could predict.

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    Rise of machines.
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    I'm really liking the tele-immersion thing there working on. Like Holodek, only real.

    Need more cpu power and bandwidth before we'll all have our own tele-immersed rooms, but I think 20 years is a safe bet.

    I read somewhere about a mind controlled wheelchair. Would be nice to extend these controls to automobiles.
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    Greetings !
    Yeah... I heard those crazy maniac computer scientists
    talking about how "nice" it would be if they could give
    computers emotions, how understanding they would be.
    Yeah right... They'll be undertstanding, they'll see we're
    just a bunch of pathetic creatures moving around with no
    real purposes but mating and having fun almost all the time
    or doing patheticly simple or totally pointless(to them) work
    that they can either do phousands and millions of times faster
    or do not need at all. They'll wipe us out (or simply ignore
    us so as not to waste time on us until we try to interfere and
    get squashed) and proceed with their own evolution which will
    be unbelievably faster. Maybe they'll integrate some
    organic parts of us and other creatures on Earth into their
    network if they are found to be sufficiently efficient (like
    human brains being used for fast approximation calcs,
    chemical reactions and energy extraction through animal
    and plant parts, specimens for detailed study and application
    on various other worlds according to local conditions).

    Then again, I'm just babbling, it'll never happen, mankind
    will live forever, I just told a joke above, it's not reasonable.

    Live long and prosper.
  11. Jul 30, 2003 #10
    In the next few years expect to see Linux start ruling in Europe.

    Windows Longhorn will come out.

    Apple will work hard to beat OS X Panther (when it comes out), and will continue their campaign against Microsoft in which Gates will lose it and break the Apple/Microsoft contract and leave Apple bankrupted ;)
  12. Jul 30, 2003 #11
    With regards to gaming experience, I think we're in for something far more advanced than what we have today... Googles with stereoview, 3D worlds as good as the real thing, using hand and fingergloves for the interface. Imagine playing halflife, RTCW or NFS like that, totally awesome experience... Just the thought of it gives me a rush.

    Also with regards to shopping, as said in many tech mags these day, all groceries will have an electronic pricetag, and you will have an identification tag, so you just go into the store, find what you need, and on the way out of the store, the money for the groceries you've just bought is automatically drawn from you account.

    Best regards and see you there!

    Thomas Hansen
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    Actually bother to go shopping in 20 years (even if there'll
    still be some exotic places left where you could do it) ?!
    You'll wear VR equipment and shop from home. Delivery people
    will have a lot of work, outside the city centers though since
    the distribution there will be automated.

    Live long and prosper.
  14. Jul 31, 2003 #13
    There would have to be a point where you checked the value of your food before leaving the shop.

    I think that quantum computing will still be in its infancy in 20 years time. There is a huge amount of work still to be completed in producing a computer and writing code for it. With regards to the applications, it will be difficult to predict. 50 years ago, computers were just thought to be for adding and subtracting. The idea of playing on them was ridiculous.

    There are the serious suggestions such as predicting weather etc. I also think that they will make many professions redundant. e.g. Local doctor or GP. Also within the medical field, they will be able to examine your DNA and change it via little automated molecules to reduce risk of disease (not in 20 years though). Silicon dust will come into existence, providing data to a central computer. Evolving computer simulations will make design engineers redundant as the computer could come up with a most efficient design.
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