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India Engineering Powerhouse

  1. May 25, 2012 #1
    India is now worlds second most populated country and delivers many skilled engineers all over the world (eg Dubai).

    Do you think India will become a new Engineering powerhouse?
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    I've been wondering that myself. I'm extremely impressed with the Indian engineers working in the US. They tend to be very excellent.

    But I've not been impressed with Indian engineers working in India. They say they are engineers, but I see no evidence of it from their work. That is anecdotal evidence based on my limited experience, but it does cause me to pause for concern.
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    Bharatechnics, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    India may become an " engineering powerhouse" but it all depends on the engineers' competence. A diploma can be useless if the holder is not able to do the work correctly.

    No one can know the future. So if you are still a student, be sure you learn your lessons well. And if you are already an engineering graduate, and if you are not competent your failures will be obvious...and those around you will soon know.
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    Thanks! thats very much true. There is so much labourforce in India. I think we just need to connect the last dots and engineers from india will be all over the world.
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    I've had the opposite experience. Most Indian engineers I've worked with have too much of an academic approach to problem solving and learning. In other words, if its not in a textbook and they didn't learn about it in uni, they just can't do it.
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