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Input datafiles into the GAMBIT preprocessor software

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    Dear Friends
    How can I input a series of datafiles into the Gambit preprocessor package? Let assume that these datafiles contain 2 columns representing the points of a 2D curvature. There is no text header above the column, and datafiles are available in both *.dat and *.txt extensions. Also the data can be stored in both point and block patterns according to the Tecplot software standard for writing the datafiles.:smile:

    Thanks in advance,
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    Are you talking about airfoil data by any chance? I ask because it usually comes in dat or txt, and consists of two columns which you described. I am not sure if it is the same format that tecplot uses (but it sounds very similar). Since I am 99% sure you are talking about airfoils, so I'll just tell you my experience in doing the presumably exact same thing that you are doing. There is a program floating around called dat2dxf, but it is quite hard to find. I think I have a copy sitting on my remote folder all the way at school in AZ (gotta love the internet). You can find it attached.

    http://infernalandroid.tripod.com/dat2dxf-0.8.3a.tar.gz" [Broken]

    I always would convert to dxf, edit in CATIA (or whatever), export to IGS, then import back into gambit. It does beat coding things in by hand though. Beware of GAMBIT's wacky and craptastic handling of IGS curves. I always split my airfoil into the top and bottom surfaces, built top and boundary sketches in catia, then converted those to areas, then exported to IGS, and meshed the areas, set up boundaries, etc... So you have to go from dat to dxf to IGS (I don't believe GAMBIT handles DXF). You probably won't need CATIA to do it, but that is what I used- anything should do.

    As for running the dat2dxf program, it compiles and runs fine on Linux (I tried Ubuntu on a PC and an old version of something else running on an SGI). Probably runs fine in OS X (maybe), any Unix, or BSD. Couldn't get it running in Cygwin on Windows (but it should if you get the right dependencies).

    Despite all the hurdles you have to jump through, you will probably use this more than once. I used it in two classes for design work and CFD work. Good luck.


    BTW- if you weren't talking about airfoils, then I'll feel a bit dumb, but at least you'll know how to get airfoil data into gambit. :)
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