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Integral in Thermodynamics

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    I come from Poland and I had to visit this site because I didn't find solution for my problem. I was given a task to solve an integral with enthalpy and entropy. The problem is that I don't know how to solve the integral I was given. I'm sorry that I'm wasting your time but I didn't have any choice and I'm asking you for help.

    The enthalpy and entropy integrals are here at 4 page (on the top of the site) in this pdf link


    I don't know the way from integral to the result of enthalpy and entropy integrals but the result I have to get after integration is at 5 page of pdf link in frames I wrote. Those results are also at that page : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Departure_function. I need to know how to solve those integrals to get the results shown at 5 page of pdf link in frames.
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    Not sure what you are asking.

    Please confirm you are trying to derive analytically

    equation 4.4-29 from equation 4.4-27


    equation 4.4-30 from equation 4.4-28
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    yes from 4.4-22 enthalpy integral I need to get 4.4-29 result after integration, and from 4.4-23 entropy integral I need to get 4.4-30 result after integration. In the integration I can use Z=PV/RT and B=Pb/RT. I have no idea how to integrate those integrals so please help me, thank you
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