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Integral of d3p

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    I was recently told that the integral for a 3-momentum d^3p = 4∏∫p^2 dp

    But I dunno what how is this integtal done.

    Any help?
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    This integral was done in spherical coordinates
    [itex]\int dxdydz = \int r^{2}sin(\theta)dr d\theta d\phi[/itex]
    if what you're integrating over does not depend on [itex]\theta[/itex] or [itex]\phi[/itex], then you can integrate over those variables giving you an additional factor of [itex]4 \pi[/itex]. Thus
    [itex]\int dxdydz = 4\pi \int r^{2}d r[/itex].

    I expect d^3p is shorthand for dp_{x}dp_{y}dp_{z}.
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